Our collaborators bring their amazing food, unusual beverages, great coffee and tea, hand-churned butter, freshly baked bread, hand made ceramics and custom t-shirts to Wifey.




cafe altro paradiso

Wifey offers daily sandwiches, cakes, and soft serve ice cream (with toppings) made for us with love by Ignacio Mattos and Natasha Pickowitz,  in one of the most exciting kitchens we know.                                                           

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brooklyn bread club

Laura Huss and Patrick Shaw-Kitch bake the best bread we've had in a while and we are so excited to share it with you. We have loaves of Levain available to take home or enjoy by the slice at Wifey, fresh or toasted (add our amazing butter and jam and you might drool a little)!


pam yung

Pam Yung, cult baker, formerly of Semilla, worked with the team at Altro Paradiso to develop and make a whole grain, long fermented foccaccia for our Wifey sandwiches. How lucky are we?


J----H Ceramics

Potter Julie Hirschfeld and Wifey Simone Shubuck partnered to create functional service wares in NYC, for use at Wifey. Mugs, butter dishes, plates and pitchers. Yay!


brad leonE

Brad Leone is the test kitchen manager at Bon Appétit Magazine. When he's not shooting his super-funny and popular "It's Alive" videos for them, he hand-builds furniture, forges knives and surfs. We talked him into brewing us our own Wifey Tepache (mexican kombucha w/pineapple, ginger and habinero) and some truly gorgeous cultured butter.

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andrew kuo (COMING SOON)

What project would be complete without awesome funny T-shirts by everyone's favorite and Wifey bro Andrew Kuo.